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Tools and help proposed for research

Inventories, a database and our archivists will help you in your research.

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Archives and collections

The Mundaneum archive centre contains some 6 kilometres of documents.

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You are preparing an exhibition and are looking for historical documents to illustrate it?

The Mundaneum is delighted to lend documents to exhibitions.

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Online inventaries

We are currently placing our inventories online. Some are available in our online catalogue, Pallas.

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MUNDANEUM asbl, centre d’archives privées, situé à Mons, rue des Passages n° 15

Lieu des prestation : espace muséal situé à Mons, rue de Nimy n° 76

Description du poste :

The Mundaneum, archives centre of fame

The Mundaneum archive centre contains some 6 kilometres of documents. Apart from the personal documents of the founders of the Mundaneum, Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine, and the collections of newspapers, posters, postcards, glass plates and small documents that they or their successors gathered, the Mundaneum preserves archives relative to three main themes: pacifism, anarchism and feminism.

The aim of the Mundaneum consists in safeguarding and preserving these documents and to valorise them through the means of exhibitions, publications and events such as colloquiums and conferences.