Online catalogue (Pallas)

We are currently placing our inventories online. Some are available in our online catalogue, Pallas (see list below). For the funds that do not yet figure in the database, please contact one of our archivists who will be delighted to assist you in your research.

The following inventories may be consulted online:

  • The Brussels press (including the 19 communes of the Brussels Region)
  • The Hainaut Province press
  • The Liège Province press
  • The Namur Province press
  • The Brabant Province press
  • The Antwerp Province press
  • The former regime press
  • The Congo press
  • The Turkish press
  • The Italian press
  • The ‘Anarchy’ collection (anarchy press, brochures and books)
  • The ‘Pacifism’ collection
  • The collection of periodicals of the CNAPD (Comité national d’action pour la paix et le développement)
  • The posters of the Saturday Evening Post
  • The Lubelski-Bernard library (works and periodicals on pacifism-
  • Postcards on World Fairs
  • Some of Paul Otlet’s personal papers: numbered notes, correspondence, the Encyclopaedia Universalis Mundaneum
  • Alfred Lepape’s personal papers
  • Henri La Fontaine's personal papers


Click here to access online catalogue

The Mundaneum team aims to complete this database with published inventories. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any question or request for information :

Stéphanie Manfroid - Head of the Archives Department
Raphaèle Cornille - Archivist, Head of the Iconography Department
Jacques Gillen - Archivist, Responsible of funds related to anarchy and pacifism