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The following inventories are available online:
- The press of the 19 communes of the Brussels Region
- The Hainaut Province press
- The Liège Province press
- The Namur Province press
- The Brabant Province press
- The Antwerp Province press
- The East Flanders press
- The West Flanders press
- The Limburg press
- The "Belgian" press before 1830
- The Congo press
- The Algerian press
- The Italian press
- The French press (in progress)
- The Canadian press
- The ‘Anarchy’ collection (anarchy press, brochures and books)
- The ‘Pacifism’ collection
- The archives of the CNAPD (Comité national d’action pour la paix et le développement)
- The Lubelski-Bernard library (works and periodicals on pacifism-
- Postcards on World Fairs
- Some of Paul Otlet’s personal papers: numbered notes, correspondence, the Encyclopaedia Universalis Mundaneum
- Alfred Lepape’s personal papers
- Henri La Fontaine's personal papers
- Posters on anarchism
- Posters on pacifism

For the funds that do not yet figure in the database, please contact one of our archivists who will be delighted to assist you in your research:

Stéphanie Manfroid - Head of the Archives Department
Jacques Gillen - Archivist, Responsible of funds related to anarchy and pacifism